5D CINEMA and Virtual Reality attractions

Working hours: 10.00-22.00

5D CINEMA – different movie showing/watching technology/tradition, so we call 5D CINEMA by the name of an “attraction”, witch allows You to experience ride on a rollercoaster, lets You to dive into unforgettable oasis of an adventure and feelings, to experience flying and free-falling, to empathize various extreme situations, to meet fantastic creatures of an Earth and other planets, to look to Your biggest fears into the eyes. So, we can surely say, that 5D CINEMA – TRUE ADRENALINE! Also we invite you to try the attractions of virtual reality. VIRTUAL REALITY – NEW BRAIN GYM! With the help of VIRTUAL REALITY, You can not only get entertained, but also to study, work, race, forget Your phobias, play, compete, draw, construct and etc. In other words – the view becomes reality and You are left alone with the space You see, where You are the main character.