Working hours: 09.00-23.00

Čili Pizza belongs to the renowned casual dining chain Čili, which has 20 years of winning experience in the Baltic States. The restaurant offers modern but relaxed and comfortable setting. It is the place to start the day with the delicious breakfast or to have an express lunch, when your time is limited. The restaurant offers more than 30 different pizza recipes, which are found to be the most delicious by Lithuanians. A large array of salads, soups, pasta, pancakes and roast dishes are available, too. Čili Pica is also famous for a wide selection of drinks and desserts. The restaurant also offers a special menu for children with their favorite meals. The owners of “Draugu” and “Mylimiausia” loyalty cards get special discounts for meal and non-alcoholic drinks at Čili Pica.

8 686 87 841